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KSIA Series Single Phase AC Output

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KSIA series is a   single phase intellgent solid state relay with a SCR  output and a SCR short circuit, open circuit and error inspection function. Opatical isolation between input and output ,internal resistors, capacitors and varistor protection. It is widely used in all kinds of industrial applications. The relay can be used for  resistive, inductive or capacitive load . output vlltage  is 240VAC、480VAC or 600VAC,output current is rated at 25A.40A.60A,80A OR 100A

● Zero Switching

● Rated Current: 25A-100A @ 150-530VAC

● SCR Inverse Parallel Output

● Dielectric Strength at 4000VAC rms

● LED Indication● Internal RC & MOV Protection

● SCR Short Circuit, Open Circuit and Error Inspection Functions

KSIA Series Single Phase AC Output

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