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Market development forecast of global and Chinese solid state relay (SSR) industry in 2018

Time:2019-11-05     【Reserved】   Read

According to the report on market forecast and investment strategy of global solid state relay (SSR) (2018) released by Limu information consulting, SSR is a kind of control relay, which is characterized by no noise, no spark, no pollution to the environment, no electromagnetic interference, fast switching speed, small volume, long service life, anti-corrosion and moisture resistance. Compared with the traditional electromagnetic relay (EMR), SSR has more application advantages.

At present, the share of SSR in the global relay market has exceeded 10%. At the same time, the reduction of the price gap between SSR and EMR will greatly increase the share. Although EMR is still in a dominant position at this stage, with the continuous improvement of SSR performance, it has become the first choice of many applications, especially in the field of communication and microprocessor control.

With the strong support of the state, a series of relay projects are in-depth development, such as the industrialization of high-voltage DC relay and ammeter components, the technical transformation and expansion of high-performance relay, and the upgrading and transformation of the supporting capacity of relay precision parts. SSR is superior to traditional EMR in precision, reliability and volume, and can effectively improve the share of domestic communication market. It is believed that in the near future, SSR will replace EMR and become the mainstream of relay industry. In order to achieve this goal, we should continue to increase the research on SSR, on the basis of existing performance, gradually improve the operation stability, safety and reliability, so that it can meet the application needs of different fields..

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