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Kudom Improves Management Capabilities and Pays More Attention to Customer Needs

Since establishment, Kudom Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to introducing technical R&D and marketing talents, adjusting management capabilities according to the market and business prospect, and migrating the business department structure to a customer-centric, agile, functional and high-efficiency structure.

Professionals lead  the global business unit as we continuously improve marketing and implement more ambitious growth strategies. The technologies and business are developed around the needs of customers. Our products include Solid State Relay, Forward and Reverse Modules, Pressure Regulating Modules, Pressure Switches, Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Switches etc.

We can not only provide high-end customized services, but also formulate technical solutions according to your needs. After-sales service anytime and anywhere will also perfectly resolve your worries. Technology is the foundation of Kudom's life; service is the professional philosophy of Kudom's sales and technical staff.

Technology takes its place at the management level as Kudom has long insisted on better aligning the product development process with customer needs. We hope that customers will feel enthusiastic when they cooperate with us. Kudom is not only a provider, but also a partner of customers. We deeply understand the importance of user experience to business cooperation. In 2022, Kudom established a new functional department "Strategic Marketing" to further strengthen its understanding of the high-end intelligent manufacturing market and keep up with various national new manufacturing strategic projects. The Finance and Enterprise Development Department and the Technology R&D Department will also continue to follow up on major projects.

The world is constantly changing. As a high-tech enterprise in electronics, we need courage and enthusiasm to face the post COVID-19 challenge. We believe that the empowered management team will successfully implement the change.

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