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Kudom Solutions | New Energy Vehicles

Kudom Electronics Solid State Relay products and technologies can provide automotive smart facility infrastructure, including:

- Operations management and control: Kudom Electronics products and solutions add to the intelligence of these plants, bringing together several disparate areas into a harmonious system to ensure they can perform optimally while aligning with their applications and tenants requirements and become its advantage.

Automotive Digital Factory: Digitalization affects all industrial automation applications for customers in the automotive industry as their business demands are increasing.

Real-time intelligent control is required to improve areas such as safety, efficiency, reliability, flexibility, availability, etc., thereby reducing environmental risks and increasing profitability.

- Enterprise data center solutions: for every automotive company, IT department strategy and "infrastructure" are more important than ever to "survive" today, remain profitable and grow, and even grow in the future. Today, the right IT strategy is more important than ever, whether the driver of demand is the digitization of devices, new mobility or service models, connectivity or autonomous vehicles, or the digital agency/retail of the future.

- Electric Vehicle Charging: Whether home, commercial, fleet customers, communities or cities, your EV customers are looking for safe and reliable EV charging solutions. Kutton Electronics solid state relays provide comprehensive solutions for B2B and B2C, including residential charging, municipal and destination charging, and electric vehicle fast charging solutions.


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