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Kudom Shanghai | Production Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Amid pandemic situation in Shanghai, Kudom continues production in closed loop and in full compliance with pandemic control regulations of the company and local government. No one can stop the coming of the spring, even if it's the pandemic.

Facing the complex and severe epidemic situation, Kudom has actively formulated a series of epidemic prevention management measures. Kudom starts the remote office system, ensures the normal operation and strengthens the R&D through online tools. Whether it’s on-site or WFH, all the company's staff are ready, doing their best to perform their duties during the special period to ensure the smooth and orderly progress of all work.

Kudom predicted local governments’ regulation in advance redeployed production tasks of the East China Production Centre(ECPC) outside Shanghai, requiring the ECPC to meet clients’ needs to the greatest extent. Kudom communicates with suppliers to make sure all materials and stocks can be prepared in advance. No matter whether it is early in the morning, late at night or on weekends, we are always online.

The ECPC of Kudom coordinates the technical staff to support production. The R&D, manufacturing, and quality teams are never absent. They provide remote guidance through video conferences or telephone calls. They keep upgrading design, assembly, and testing solutions, as well as assist in the smooth execution and delivery of orders.

Amid Covid-19, Kudom is making the impossible possible!

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