About Kudom

We focus on innovation and expertise

The technology of KUDOM was born in 1971, in the city of Birmingham. Through enduring dedication, expertise, and the combined strength of acquired business, KUDOM global channels are distributed in the entire world. KUDOM is committed to technical innovation to satisfy various requirements at every level of customer value. We provide the standard SSR, modules, and quickly response to customer¡¯s special demands in order to offer the most suitable customized products and solutions. With decades of years¡¯ investment in research and development, the product line has been fully expanded, including 50 high-quality relay and sensor lines. We provide technical solution for high-end application including medical devices, high-speed railways, nuclear power and electric actuators.


New Energy  

¡¤Intelligent power station  

¡¤Wind power 

¡¤Solar tracking system 

¡¤Network disconnection system 


¡¤Injection molding machine 

¡¤Industrial printing

¡¤Drying system

¡¤Wood furnace

¡¤Elevator and escalator

¡¤Glass equipment

¡¤Charging pile  



¡¤Lighting system (Office)

¡¤Lighting system (Warehouse /Theatre)

¡¤Safety / access control

¡¤Heating ventilation and air conditioning engineering

¡¤Heat pump, radiant floor heating

¡¤Facility management (elevator, security etc.)

Food and Beverage 


¡¤Multi purpose oven

¡¤Pizza oven



¡¤Boiling water machine

¡¤Hot coffee machine

¡¤Warm plate


¡¤Guide heating

¡¤Rail switch control

¡¤Battery management system

¡¤Refrigerated trucks

¡¤Aircraft power


Medical Equipment

¡¤Renal dialysis machine


¡¤Heating blanket

¡¤Image system



¡¤Sorting equipment

¡¤Hospital bed

¡¤Refrigerated storage system

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